FUBW50000 Secvest Wireless Motion Detector

Product description:

The ABUS FUBW50000 wireless indoor detector offers reliable detection using passive infrared light (PIR). It detects the movement of individuals within the detection range by means of their moving body heat, reporting unauthorised access to the alarm panel. The angle of view of the wireless motion detector is 90°, and its detection range - depending on installation height - is up to 15 metres. It is also equipped for detection within a creep zone.

Product highlights

- Passive indoor infrared detector
- 90° angle of view, ideal for installation in corners
- Cable-free installation
- Detection range 15 m

Technical features:

- Sensor type: PIR
- Battery type: 3.6 V DC, lithium AA battery
- Creep zone: Yes
- Detection range of detector (m): 15 m
- Angle of view: 90°
- Status display: Yes
- Tamper monitoring: Yes
- White light filter: yes
- Voltage monitoring: Yes
- Max. range (building): 30 m
- Radio frequency: 868,6625 MHz
- Security level: 2 (EN50131-3)
- Certifications: INCERT, VSO, F&P, NCP
- DC voltage supply: 3.6 V
- Environmental class:I
- Housing material:ABS
- Length: 47 mm, Width: 73 mm, Height:81 mm
- Max. battery life: 2 year(s)
- Max. humidity: 85 %
- Operating temperature: -10 °C ~ 55 °C
- GARANCIJA: 2 leti.

Scope of delivery:

1 x Wireless motion detector
1 x Battery 3.6 V AA ER14505 Li (FU2992)

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