FUSG50010 Secvest Wireless Indoor Siren

Product description:

The ABUS FUSG50010 Secvest wireless indoor sounder is an optional Secvest accessory. Ιt supports the wireless outdoor sounder and Secvest alarm panel with a signal tone of 90 dB sound pressure in the event of an alarm. The wireless indoor sounder can be powered by battery or a power supply unit. If batteries are used, the sounder has a service life of approx. 2 years. The sounder indicates when the battery life is coming to an end. Any number of indoor sirens can be integrated into the Secvest wireless alarm system. The siren produces a series of acoustic signal tones, depending on the event.

Technical features:

- Installation location: Indoors
- Sound pressure: 90 dB, with different tone/event
- Radio frequency: 868,6625
- Max. receiving range (building): 30 m
- Battery type: 3x 1.5V LR20 battery
- Battery life: 2 year(s) maximum.
- Connections: 12V
- DC voltage supply: 4,5/12 V
- Voltage monitoring: Yes
- Housing material: ABS
- IP protection class: 54
- Humidity: 75 % maximum
- Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 50 °C
- Dimensions: LxWxH: 250x175x60 mm

Scope of delivery:

1 x Wireless indoor siren ABUS FUSG50010
1 x Installation material
3 x 1.5 V LR20 type ''D'' battery
1 x User guide

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